Quote of the Day

“To learn is as beautiful as to live. Do not be afraid to lose yourself in minds greater than your own. Do not sit brooding anxiously over your own individuality or shut yourself out from influences that draw you powerfully for fear that they may sweep you along and submerge your innermost pet peculiarities in their mighty surge. Never fear. The individuality that can be lost in the sifting and reshaping of a healthy development is only a flaw; it is a branch grown in the dark, which is distinctive only so long as it retains its sickly pallor. And it is by this sound growth in yourself that you must live. Only the sound can grow great.”

 Niels Lyhen ( by Jens Peter Jacobsen)

I apologize for not having the original Danish version Drake Le Noir!

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  1. ledrakenoir says:

    IP Jacobsen (danish author and botanist), it was him who introduced Charles Darwin’s theories for the Danes as the first… :-).


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